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Are you really aware of your skills and ability, interest and how you would love to grow?

Which major degree would be the best choice for your personal desire, what do you really want?

Would you want to know about different European academic and life opportunities  in Hungary?
Would you want to learn all challenges and opportunities from real-time experts about your dream job?





EDUCA Program has designed for students to clarify personal skills and interest, discover learning style before find to best match major area and advising the opportunities of academic institutions in Hungary for senior students who desire to become international student in abroad

Math Homework




MENTME Program aims to the discovery of personal learning style and develops a unique learning & training scheme for you 

And setting up a mentoring with the expert from real-time professional which the business industry you interested in so you can lead your all questions and see the real-time challenges of your dream career!

Image by Animesh Bhargava


ORIENT Program is designed for foreign students who have just settled in a foreign country for educational life.


Orientation is useful for newcomers as international students coming to Hungary, and this program provides you with information that facilitates sharing, social and public life (where to go, what to buy, how to apply, where are government centres, etc.), your adaptation to social life and a different culture. ensures that it is healthy.

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