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Ekin Su Satı

Founder of Growth Potential

As an open-minded and idealistic Human Resources Consultant who believes in the equality of diversity and the need for lifelong learning, I provide online consultancy in English and Turkish with the power of all my knowledge, experience and expertise to reach people and working groups who are willing to evaluate their potential in the professional world.


Since my academic and work-life started in 2010, my professional roles at local and international organizations in Turkey and in Hungary helped me to gain my experience, being part of various EU funded projects for capacity building, natural resource conservation and social projects for youth education raised my awareness improved.

I have gained my academic perspective at Eötvös Loránd University in Human Resources Consultancy (MA) and in Journalism (BA) at Istanbul University.

Those outputs bring me to create and deliver the discipline that integrates technical knowledge and practical applications, to organisations and individuals who need professional development and my life experience motivated me to establish the Growth Potential platform to pave as new learning and development platform.


I always choose to unleash my potential and grow and after 11 years + 1 day, I am happy to meet you through Growth Potential.

Experts from different working disciplines with strong background came together at Growth Potential where no one asks each other's ethnicity, age, cultural roots or sexual orientation and no one beliefs just knotting a tie or hierarchical titles can be a superpower or any organisations to leading business success and development but fulfilling potential

Illustrated White Cats

Faranak Gholampour

I'm a Social Integration Counsellor (MA) and currently a Ph.D. student in Sociology at ELTE University.I had a long journey from being a nurse and then a clinical psychologist in Iran to a social integration counsellor and now a sociologist in Hungary. Nowadays, the world’s growing globalization needs more inclusion, integration, and interaction among people from diverse backgrounds. Human beings do not live and work in an isolated environment and I love it! I like to learn about other cultures and share my experiences and knowledge about culture and everything related to it.


Jehan Alghneimin

I'm the teaching assistant at Eotvos Lorand University (ELTE), and an International admission supervisor at Tajseer company in Amman, Jordan. my substantial background in cultural awareness, sensitivity, and flexibility as a prerequisite of counselling and dealing with people from different cultural backgrounds or nationalities gave me the chance to work in international and multicultural environments in France, Romania, Hungary, and the US.
Currently, I'm pursuing my Ph.D. degree in education science ELTE; I have an MA degree in Social Integration from ELTE and a bachelor’s in Spanish literature from the University of Jordan.

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