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There is no proven underperformance regarding the employee's age, ethnicity, sexual orientation or what he wears, it depends on how they behave in the work team, this is just about egalitarian work culture.


Having a work culture that supports individual development, access to information and education as an organization contributes to the increase of performance in business processes and the formation of a high-value employer brand in the near term.

Growth Potential organizes work programs to increase teamwork efficiency and performance based on knowledge



Diversity studies show that the more diversity strategies are integrated into the core business of a firm, such as the importance of understanding diverse markets to ensure the growth of market share, the more diversity is likely to be perceived by operational managers to be useful and important. 

Diversity studies consistently show that top management needs to be involved and committed to diversity issues and strategies in order for firms to successfully implement diversity strategies. 

For the multicultural teamwork of the company, we work on the learning needs of the team to implement the blended training materials and improving the MINDSET of the organisation to improve employer brand value horizontally. 

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There are many types of research show when the participants learn in the native language the learning capacity got higher than the second language learner got the correlation in the proper way to daily life to implement all knowing what they absorb

For any multicultural work teams, the members have different learning styles and they have different competencies in various levels of learning outcomes 

Growth Potential has an effective employee branding value mindset for company culture and why we support your work teams native language soft skill-building and orientation program needs in Turkish, Arabic, Russian and Persian



During the adaptation of new working systems in 2020, most of the organisation and work team has skipped the employee wellbeing needs somehow that damaged productivity and employee life-work balance.

Within the virtual, active and micro group focused team building activities help to keep the attention of team members besides avoiding investing in unknown technologies without any preparation and foreknowledge.

Growth Potential has designed micro activities for the unique needs of teams in the organisation and aim to re-engagement of team

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